The first Kids Zip Sheet in the UK

For the past 2 months I have been using a Kids Zip Sheet on my daughter’s bed. At 2.5 years old, very energetic, completely ‘busy’ during her extremely busy Toddler day, she (and I) are in need of a good night’s sleep to recharge. Up until 2 months  ago, Dolly was still in her cot bed, with the bars on the side, sleeping soundly and staying in her cotbed until someone lifted her out. I dared not take the sides of the cot off…I was so anxious of the thought of her climbing out of bed when I put her in, getting out during the night, falling out of bed..these things really worried me, not at least the thought of me having a disturbed night sleep – I couldn’t bare it! With a family holiday looming and Dolly’s legs now far too long to fit in a travel cot, I realised that it was time to take the leap and remove the sides of the cot transforming it into a ‘big girls bed’. As Dolly watched in wonder as Daddy pottered around with a hammer and screws creating her first little leap into Girlhood, I decided to stop sniffling about ‘my baby being gone’  and took it as an opportunity to really put a Kids Zip Sheet to the test and see what all the fuss was about in Australia, where they were developed and are hugely popular. I had the first one in the UK, the final sample before the stock arrives. Beautifully packaged and pure cool white in soft cotton, I was astounded at how snug and secure Dolly was in her new bed and how it did actually keep her duvet on the bed! It has made the transition from cot to bed so much easier than I was fearing. Dolly loves zipping herself in and not once has her duvet fallen off or has she fallen out of bed, despite seeing her almost hanging off in her deepest sleep (that part of the night when you pop in before you go to bed.) When I took the Kids Zip Sheet off to wash it and put her old bottom sheet on, Dolly actually slept worse…restless, calling out, waking up earlier??? Her Dad even commented on the change in her sleep without the Kids Zip Sheet on; now that is worth mentioning… I am SO looking forward to what other parents have to say about this product when they try it. I love it…I just need one in pink.


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