Bedtime snacks..friend or foe of sleep?

Children typically have high metabolisms and its pretty common for them to get hungry after dinner time (whether its to stall bedtime or not is another matter) Snacks in the evening or ‘supper’ as my Grandma called it, can be good for keeping hunger at bay and helping children sleep easier, however some foods should be avoided before bed.
Obvious sleep stealers are foods that contain caffeine, but spice and foods with a high fat content can also affect the quality of rest children get. Similarly, recent research indicates that food high in hexadecanoic acid, which is found in red meat and cheese, can affect rest. Instinctively, as parents we know not to give Junior a rare steak with blue cheese before bed but what are our best options? Foods that contain high glycemic carbs can help promote sleep but so can foods rich in alpha carotene, selenium, lycopene, potassium, magnesium, trytophan and calcium are also associated with better sleep.
But what on earth are these nutrients? And where can a parent who, after returning from work (perhaps ) has made the dinner, bathed and PJ’d the children whilst tidying the house and making tomorrow’s lunches, find the food which contains these impressively named nutrients? To make it simple, here’s a list of the best foods to give your children before bedtime, giving the best chance of a good night’s sleep….that’s with a Kids Zip Sheet and a good night kiss to go with it.

whole grain crackers with low fat cottage cheese
celery with nut butter
boiled egg and soldiers
dried fruits, seeds and nuts
glass of milk

Try these yourself next time you head for the biscuit tin before bed…

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