Our Story

We are currently seeking a new Distributor to run our operations in the U.K.

Please click on the contact us tab and send us an email for more information.

Unfortunately we are unable to supply any orders until we have a new Distributor in place with stock.

Kids Zip Sheets

Global presence

Our product Kids Zip Sheets managed to penetrate the baby and children goods market and became one of the fastest growing brands locally and internationally. We have expanded our customer reach to serve more customers in Australia and even globally. The year 2013 was a big year for us. We have seen our brand expand into Australia, Canada, United States of America and New Zealand. Seeing our product reach out to these countries even motivated us to push ourselves harder in making the world experience the benefits of the Kids Zip Sheet. We are dreaming of reaching further. Seeing our brand grow and expand in the United Kingdom and other nearby countries is a work in progress we are trying to achieve. Kids Sheets Zips is here and we intend to stay and be part of the lives of children and parents around the world.


This product was Patented in several countries in early 2013 and prohibits others from manufacturing, using and/or selling this invention without the company’s consent. Any breaches of this Patent will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.